Lishi Manchester Saturday Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation & Kung Fu Workshops

Lishi is a form of Daoist practice from Shangdong Province in China.

It traces it’s history back at least three thousand years, and comprises a whole range of arts, like Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation, Daoist Yoga, Daoist Healing Arts, Kung Fu and Chinese Aikido, Weapons and more ….

These workshops can be taken individually, but also form a course that will enhance any practice you may do already.

No previous experience is required.

I’ve been studying these arts with my master for over 30 years.

Each workshop in this series is only £30.

However, if you book in advance, I’m offering a 17% discount.

Places are limited, so I suggest you reserve your place now.



Daoist Yoga, Breathing Exercises & Standing Qigong

K’ai Men means “Open Door”, and expresses the idea that Daoist Yoga is the doorway to all the channels of the mind, the spirit and the body. It is particularly concerned with the energies & vitalities within the physical system, and how these can be harnessed, cultivated and utilised to maximum benefit

Short Sticks

Short sticks are used in many arts around the world. They develop great hand-eye coordination, reaction speed, as well as rhythm and the ability to relax whilst performing a range of improvised movements with a partner.

Daoist Aikido

This is a truly ancient art – called the Harmony Art (Qi Shu).  Rolling (on mats) will be covered, floor work and some wrestling techniques, as well as how to uproot a training partner and send them away from you.

Tai Chi Forms

This workshop will focus on aspects of the Daoist Square Yard Form, Flying Hands (Fei Shou), Poor Peasant and the Yang Tai Chi Form.


Daoist Self Defence Routines

This workshop will focus on building on the basics of soft self-defence – footflow patterns, ward-offs, press-downs, evasions, arm control and locks to develop smooth application of technique and smooth fast harmonised movements.

Daoist Grappling/Wrestling plus Daoist Massage

This workshop will focus on breaking out of grips and holds and locks, using relaxed circular movements and the application and use of qi. We will practise a range to techniques to escape from being pinned to the ground, to being held by 2, 3, even 4 people. Plus we will do some very effective Daoist massage techniques.


Daoist Swords

Tai Chi Sword movements are performed in circular motion, focusing on balance, & gentle, continuous flow. The movements aren’t easy, but they eventually eliminate all stress. Outwardly, there is great activity, inwardly there is peace & tranquility – a perfect balance of Yin and Yang.

Daoist Staff/Stick

Ancient Daoist Staff – quarterstaff will be taught in this workshop. Use of the implement, techniques and practical applications will be covered.