An alternative way to feel energised, find inner peace and learn an ancient philosophy for life that works.

Lishi Taoist Tai Chi is fluid yet precise. You learn to feel your body’s natural energies with the Tai Chi form and Tai Chi dance. The practice is relaxing and energising at the same time. It leads to inner peace and stability.

In many different partner exercises we discover, in a fun way, how we react to stress and what takes us out of balance and of course, how can we stay in balance and act with more peace and more power.

Qi Gong Meditation – The essence of life is breath. In Lishi we learn how to use the breath to help us concentrate and develop a quiet mind. The practise of Lishi Qi Gong helps you develop “staying power”.
We place a special focus on specific respiratory Lishi Qi Gong and Dao Yin. These therapeutic respiratory exercises increase the lung volume and oxygen intake, promote healthy organ function and a stronger cardiovascular system, and they increase your vitality and well-being significantly.

Lishi Taoist Yoga contains dozens of distinct stances and postures and movement sequences that promote relaxation, mindfulness and flexibility. It doesn’t matter whether you are unfit or an Olympic athlete, the abilities of each individual are catered for and extended gradually in a natural way. You will achieve a greater flexibility and suppleness and experience the opening of your energy channels releasing a natural flow of vital energy throughout your body.

Weapons Training – We learn to understand the energies of the different elements through the practise of ancient forms with tools such as the Tai Chi Sword, Feng Shou Sabre, the Yin and Yang Staff and the Hand of the Wind Silk. When your skill, precision and concentration is developed to a high enough level you might be introduced to the full range of partner exercises using weapons. This high level training can take years to access and decades to master.