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Come join us for a rejuvenating session of Lishi practice every week at Hackney Showroom! Our Daoist Dynamic Tai Chi classes will help you find balance, improve flexibility, and reduce stress. This is a complete beginners class where you will learn the yin and yang arts of Lishi. In the first half of the class we will focus on the Yin arts, working on suppleness and strength through Kai Men (Taoist Yoga), expanding the breath and the body’s vitality through Dao Yin, and calming the body and mind through the soft, flowing movements of the Lishi tai chi forms. The second part of the class is more dynamic as we explore the Yang arts, getting the heart rate up, training co-ordination, speed and stamina through Hand of the Wind, foot flows, evasions and forms.

With the combination of deep breathing, Chinese yoga, tai chi, and invigorating exercises, by the end of the class you will feel both relaxed and energised. Your body will feel alive, strengthened and more supple while your mind will be clear, focused, and revitalised.

This class is tailored to beginners and and no prior experience is needed, expect a good work out and a fun way to get physically, emotionally and mentally fit.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and flat-soled shoes like plimsols or trainers.

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All classes are held at Hackney Showroom next to Clissold Park in North London, N4 2BN.

Tuesday Evening Class

Tuesdays 6:30 – 8pm

Thursday Morning Class

Thursdays 7:30 – 8:30am

Email helen@lishi.org to get promo code for 10% off for low-income people.

Address: Hackney Showroom, 4 Murrain Rd, Finsbury Park, London, N4 2BN