Welcome to York Daoist Centre

York Taoist Centre Tai Chi Qigong Meditation Kung fu

Whether you were searching for Tai Chi, Yoga, Mindful exercise, or more physical martial arts, (maybe Kung Fu)….

You are lucky enough to have found Lishi.LISHI is a Daoist art, with its roots passed down over thousands of years. It can help you develop a healthier more confident you.

It is an intelligent exercise system that boosts your physical, mental and spiritual energies.

CLASSES TUESDAYS 7PM TO 8.30PM, 13 Melrosegate, Heworth, York. YO31 0RP

Develop an active, healthy lifestyle:

  • Each week learn movements and exercises to help gain fitness, dexterity, confidence and life balance.
  • Develop your personal focus with relaxed but strong movements to help give you more energy.
  • Calm your emotions and thoughts with meditation in movement.
  • … How soft can be strong!

Join our friendly community of like minded people and learn;

  • Tai Chi movements and exercises
  • Dao yoga. (Kai Men “Open Door”)
  • Breath work called Dao Yin.
  • Use of implements
  • Working with a partner
Welcome to York Daoist Centre



In the classes we learn the different strands of Lishi (an ancient family system of arts).

The classes work on:

Breathing exercises
Qi Gong
Forms such as our Tai Chi Form
Taoist Yoga
Moving and Still Meditation and
Kung Fu

and more

The classes are fun and light-hearted but we work to develop our selves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The best way to see if this is for you is to come along and try it.

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