10 reasons to breathe deeply

10 reasons to breathe deeply

10 Reasons to Breathe Deeply

The human body is designed to take in 75% of its energy requirement through breathing; oxygen is the most fundamental unit of fuel that we take into our body. Further, we also eliminate 70% of our toxins via the breath; Did you know that the human body is designed to take in 75% of its energy requirements through breathing.   oxygen also cleanses the cells by oxidation and enables waste products to be carried back to the lungs via the bloodstream. Given these basic facts it is easy to see why learning to breathe correctly is one of the most fundamental things we can do to support and maintain our health and wellbeing.

The Daoist have always know the secret that breathing deeply is important for not only for your body’s health but it’s also a key factor emotional wellbeing. Let’s face it during this cold and dark time of the year keeping the SAD (seasonal affective disorder) away so you keep smiling through winter is essential.

The results of poor breathing practices are:

  • Under-oxygenation and low energy levels,
  • toxicity build-up,
  • high stress and stagnant emotional states.

It is well accepted that long-term emotional stagnation eventually leads to physical and emotional disorders.

By becoming a conscious breather we can re-take control of our lives by fully oxygenating our system and maintaining a lucid state of emotional freedom.

Since most of us  are not educated to become conscious of this fundamental metabolic process, over 90% of us are using less than 50% of our breathing capacity here are 10 reasons why you should add it to your everyday routine.

  1. Breathing Detoxifies and Releases Toxins
    Your body is designed to release 70% of its toxins through breathing. If you are not breathing effectively, you are not properly ridding your body of its toxins i.e. other systems in your body must work overtime which could eventually lead to illness. When you exhale air from your body you release carbon dioxide that has been passed through from your bloodstream into your lungs. Carbon dioxide is a natural waste of your body’s metabolism.2. Breathing Releases Tension and StressDeep breathing helps decrease your heart beat and relax your muscles there by lowering blood pressure to reduce stress
  1. Breathing Relaxes the Mind/Body and Brings Clarity
    Oxygenation of the brain reducing excessive anxiety levels. Paying attention to your breathing. Breathe slowly, deeply and purposefully into your body. Notice any places that are tight and breathe into them. As you relax your body, you may find that the breathing brings clarity and insights to you as well.
  2. Breathing Relieves Emotional Problems
    Breathing will help clear uneasy feelings out of your body.
  3. Breathing Relieves PainYou may not realize its connection to how you think, feel and experience life. For example, what happens to your breathing when you anticipate pain? You probably hold your breath. Yet studies show that breathing into your pain helps to ease it.6. Breathing Massages Your Organs
    The movements of the diaphragm during the deep breathing exercise massages the stomach, small intestine, liver and pancreas. The upper movement of the diaphragm also massages the heart. When you inhale air your diaphragm descends and your abdomen will expand. By this action you massage vital organs and improves circulation in them. Controlled breathing also strengthens and tones your abdominal muscles.7. Breathing Increases Muscle
    Breathing is the oxygenation process to all of the cells in your body. With the supply of oxygen to the brain this increases the muscles in your body.8. Breathing Strengthens the Immune System
    Oxygen travels through your bloodstream by attaching to haemoglobin in your red blood cells. This in turn then enriches your body to metabolise nutrients and vitamins.9. Breathing Improves Posture
    Good breathing techniques over a sustained period of time will encourage good posture. Bad body posture will result of incorrect breathing so this is such an important process by getting your posture right from early on you will see great benefits.10. Breathing Improves Quality of the Blood
    Deep breathing removes all the carbon-dioxide and increases oxygen in the blood and thus increases blood quality.


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